WOKE Yoga Teacher Training Ambassador Application 

Receive 15% commission for each person you refer to our programs.

Before you submit your application please make sure you read and agree to all the information covered in our FAQ section

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We will direct deposit you your Ambassador / Partner Commissions once the refund period for each course has passed.
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Please read the below FAQ Carefully - as all you will be held accountable for all terms listed below.

Q. How do you track my referrals?

A. Once your application has been approved, your name will be added to the application form that ALL new teacher training students fill out when they sign up for a training. When filling out the form, the new student will be required to choose from a drop down list of referral names, or select N/A if they weren’t referred by anyone. Please communicate clearly to your referrals to use your name when signing up for the course.

Q. How much do I make?

A. You make 15% of each sale that comes through your referral.

Here are the numbers:

  • 50 HR Yin Yoga Teacher Training Early Bird 15% = $150

  • 50 HR Yin Yoga Teacher Training Full Price 15% = $225

  • 200 HR Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Early Bird 15% =$525

  • 200 HR Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Full Price 15% = $600

Q. When do I get paid?

A. Your referral fee will be deposited into your nominated bank account after the refund period for the course has passed. For our yin course, this will be within 7 days of the date the course is complete. For our 200 HR Hatha Training monies will be paid out at the end of May of each year. If the student who you refer to the course ends up dropping out, and being refunded - no referral fee will be available.

Q. Can I get a commission for a student that already attends WOKE Yoga?

A. No. If a student is already in our Mind Body Online Database, this student is not eligible for our referral rate. Students who are already in our database, are consider an in-house lead, even if they select you as their referral source. Each student will be cross checked with out database before referral payments are made.

Q. How do I spread the word and get referrals?

A. Once you’ve become an ambassador you will be given access to our library of marketing materials. This is in the process of being created, and will be updated regularly. Most ambassadors will promote the course through their social media channels, personal blog, email list, or through word of mouth, and 1:1 conversations.

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