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The Joy of Rest

  • Woke Yoga 2/52 Ourimbah Road Mosman (map)

EM CRUICKSHANK and SUZY FLOWERS are back together to guide you through an Autumnal practice to illicit delicious deep rest.

As we transition through Autumn, in quiet preparation for Winter hibernation, there is a profound sense of calm joy as we surrender our habits and embrace change. At this time of year, nature asks that we come to rest, to conserve our energy, to subtly change our routines and to intentionally let go of habits and behaviours that no longer serve us.

In this 2 hour journey together, Em and Suzy will combine the practice of yin and chi flow with the incredible healing properties of Alchemical Crystal Singing bowls , the perfect synergy to open you to the present moment and surrender.

The pure frequencies that emanate from quartz crystal, and the alchemy of different gems and metals, work through the Quantum field, creating unique toroidal vortices that resonate with individual organs and cells of your body; cleansing, activating and raising their frequency, helping tobring them back into balance.

The Bowls can take you on a transformational journey and help you explore the liminal space between waking and sleeping, a place of deep rest and connection with our true

selves. The practice of yin, assisted through acupressure points to attract your spirit through breath, will guide you seamlessly toward that liminal space.You will leave feeling deeply rested, quietly moved and with a gentle sense of peace and connection with your nature and the nature that surrounds you.

DATE: Saturday May 11th

TIME: 2-4pm

COST: $69