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Singing Bowl Workshop & Sound Bath with Lama Tendar

We have the pleasure of bringing Lama Tendar, Tibetan Monk and Healer and the Dalai Lama's Chanting Master, back to our humble studio for the much anticipated Singing Bowl Workshop and SOUND BATH Group Healing.

For those of you who have one of Lama Tendar's gorgeous bowls, please do bring it along so you can learn more about Traditional Tibetan Singing Bowls and how to play them.

Following the workshop, Lama Tendar will lead us through a Group Healing SOUND BATH. Using his bowls and of course his voice in traditional Tibetan prayers, this is a sound healing that resonates. 

If you have a keen interest to learn about SINGING BOWLS and SOUND HEALING and wish to purchase an authentic SINGING BOWL of Tibetan tradition then don't miss out on this one off event with Lama Tendar, a Tibetan Buddhist monk and Healer, at Yoga Sivana. Places are limited . Booking essential.


TIME: 1-5pm

COST: $120 ($110 concession) all proceeds go directly to the Tibetan Children's Fund.

There will be an array of authentic Tibetan singing bowls available for purchase on the day and each bowl will be personally blessed by Lama Tendar with each purchase.