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Teaching Trauma Informed Yoga

In the four hour workshop we will explore the science of trauma response, the methodology of trauma informed yoga and its practical application.


The workshop will include:

  • Experiential component - we will begin with an hour long trauma informed vinyasa class.
  • Trauma and its symptoms - we will explore the way trauma shows up in the body, its long term mental and physical impacts and the nature of PTSD.
  • Physiology of trauma response - we will go behind the symptoms of trauma and examine the ways the brain responds to the original trauma, the lasting effects of the freeze response and the role of the Vagus nerve.
  • How movement heals trauma - we will consider the way in which yoga and movement based therapies support healing.
  • Trauma informed yoga - we will learn the principles behind creating a yoga practice that is safe for survivors and conducive to their empowerment. We will discuss the practical reality of each aspect of the practice using real life examples from my work.

This workshop is suitable for experienced teachers, yoga teacher trainees and other practitioners who are using movement therapies in their work with trauma survivors.

About Karen:

Karen is a trauma informed yoga teacher working joyfully in Melbourne. Her interest in yoga as tool for healing and integrating trauma was born of her own practice that was instrumental to transforming her experience of childhood trauma.

Karen works with survivors of trauma individually and groups, in the justice system and rape crisis centres. She has presented on the topic and runs teacher workshops Australia wide.

In a continuous search for ways to better serve her clients Karen is currently completing a masters of counselling and considering the role of cultivating pleasure in post trauma thriving.

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Date & Time: Sunday 4th June - 9:30am - 1:30pm

Investment: $95