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Untangle Your Tissues with Melissa Kidd

Yin Yoga | Myofascial  Release | Subtle Body Wisdom with Melissa Kidd

You have a body.
This body is the storage site for every experience, every memory, ever injury, every story
that makes you… YOU.
Did you know that this body speaks, and that you can train yourself to hear?

Maybe it’s that old injury that just won’t go away.
Maybe it’s all those little aches and pains that are starting to pile up and slow you down.

Maybe it’s that anxious mind that feeds on your crazy lifestyle. It keeps you running all day and stressing all night. Maybe you’re noticing that those digestive issues aren’t going away with just changing
your diet.

OK body, I’m listening.
It’s time to heal, but where do we even begin?

In this powerful workshop we’ll untangle the story of this body and all of its messages to finally understand our unique biochemistry. We’ll merge the worlds of eastern medicine and modern science to create a map of your deepest innerworkings. We bind Chinese meridian theory, Ayurveda and the chakra system with cognitive and developmental psychology to unpack something truly remarkable that’s been inside of you all this time.

We’ll allow the physical systems to completely unwind with a nourishing yin yoga sequence, carefully crafted to access every corner of your energy body. We’ll add deep
myofascial release techniques along specific acupressure trigger points as we begin our journey into the deeper realms of the energy body.

Every trauma, injury and experience has left a mark somewhere in your tissues. We’ll weave gracefully from head to toe to examine each of them and where they align with your cognitive development by digging deep into the synchronicity between the chakras and psychology.

Learn how to speak the language of the subtle body, how to sense its cues and heed its
call. Garner insight, cultivate compassion and receive deep, deep healing on all levels of the body mind. Design a body map that is yours to keep forever. You’ll leave fully awake, wholehearted and embodied.

This workshop is perfect for:

  • Those with headaches, anxiety and stress
  • Those with old niggly injuries that just won’t heal
  • Those with aches, pains and joint stiffness
  • Those who want to understand the chakra system and the energy body
  • Those who want to explore the manifestation of their life story in their tissues

Please bring a tennis ball with you to this event. 

You can learn more about Mel, on her website

WHEN: Friday October 6th, from 6-9pm



Later Event: October 15
Meditation & Self-Inquiry