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Sounds Of Silence - Hatha Yoga Sound Journey and Immersion into Peace

"From silence comes all sound,From stillness comes all movement,And it is within this space of silence and stillness that we awaken to our true nature of being, so that every action is manifested from the space of peace." - Lucy

In this 2 hour workshop, you will be guided into an intuitive and peaceful Hatha Yoga flow with Lucy Proud, blended with sacred wisdom and meditation, followed by deep rest and the healing acoustic sounds of Simon Favorito to bring balance, stillness and inner awareness to the self. We will ground and integrate our journey with a nourishing tea to take this experience of peace out into our worlds. 

Guided by Lucy Proud; spiritual teacher, healer and yogi. Accompanied by Simon Favorito: food and wellbeing extraordinaire with a passion for live music.

About Lucy: Through yoga, meditation, energy healing, crystal healing, women's wisdom, magical ceremony and spiritual teaching, Lucy's offerings are rooted in the path of peace and awakening. She teaches Hatha Yoga from the northern Indian and Tibetan lineage, which weaves breath, movement, sound and meditation together with the philosophies and wisdoms of life and sacred living, in order to bring understanding and mastery of our physical and spiritual energies, cultivate balance and bring healing to the whole being. Her classes allow each person the space to enter into deep peace, awareness and presence of the authentic and magical soul self. Her philosophies are simple; be still, be true, be you. Inspired by nature and its flow of life, Lucy believes all health and wellbeing arises from our ability to connect with our true inner nature of intuition, knowing and creative flow, which in our natural state is Peace. 

About Simon Favorito: is a wholistic wellbeing coach and food alchemist with a life long passion for music and sound. Gifted guitarist along with other instruments, his ability to feel rhythm and sound will take you on a healing journey deep into the alchemy of your soul.

Saturday November 26th, 2 - 4pm | $45


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Later Event: December 5
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