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Em Cruickshank

Em is in a long term love affair with yoga after attending her first yoga class in 1998. Due to long term illness and a snapped ACL Em's yoga journey has dipped in and out of the physical practice of asana - but she always maintained her inner practice of meditation. 

Em qualified to teach through the Byron Yoga School, and then went on to study under Sarah Powers in the Insight Yoga Community. Em specialises in teaching Yin, Restorative and Meditation. When you come to Em's class you can expect to feel grounded, supported and nurtured. She creates a safe space for healing and authenticity to emerge. Em is a true guide and mentor on the spiritual journey.  

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Lyndsey Benn Woke Yoga

Lyndsey Benn

Lyndsey is a teacher's teacher and has been practicing and studying yoga for nearly two decades. Her teaching journey began in Japan and then deepened through spending a number of years in and out of India. During that time she completed an in-house Diploma of Applied Science and Yoga at Bihar Yoga Bharati, a still active ashram yoga university. 

In 2002 Lyndsey drew from her sports associated background to deliver yoga programmes for NZ All Blacks, Super Rugby & The Black Caps. Since 2008 Lyndsey has been an active and respected member of the Sydney Yoga Community. Most recently Lyndsey has been a vital component of the national yoga training for Fitness First.

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Lisa Theodore Woke Yoga

Lisa Theodore

Lisa began her relationship with yoga in 2003, discovering the safety and mental respite of her yoga mat during high school.

Then began an 11 year journey working in the health and fitness industry dedicated to helping others as a trainer, coach, instructor and mentor finally arriving in her happiest incarnation to date as a yoga teacher in 2014.

With the intention of creating a safe place for all her students to land, Lisa delivers classes that reflect her vitality and love for life.  Fusing anatomy, traditional philosophy, breathe and creative sequencing into a fluid felt experience you will find an opportunity to deepen your connection to self (and maybe sweat/swear a little too).

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Jess Keys Woke Yoga

Jess Keys

I've been practicing yoga on and off for the past twenty years, first discovering it in my late teens as a useful tool in helping to alleviate the stresses of high school, especially when it came to exam time. I began working in the media industry when I was 20 years old and spent 15 years as a television programmer. I turned to yoga during these years as my form of exercise and as a much needed break from my days spent in front of a TV and computer. 

In 2012 I decided to turn my love for yoga into a career, undertaking a 400 HR Hatha Yoga Teacher Training - and I haven't looked back. I believe that by joining forces with your body, breath and mind anything is possible. 

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Charlotte Messervy

Charlotte began practising yoga over a decade ago in the States, using it as a tool to destress from working in the corporate world. Since then, she has built yogic concepts into the forefront of her life. Charlotte completed her 420 hour teacher training at Qi Yoga in 2016, her meditation facilitator training in 2017, and her yin training with Woke Yoga in 2018.

Whether it's hatha or yin, Charlotte's classes have a basis of mindfulness running throughout them. She enjoys bringing intention and awareness into the way we move and think. This may mean moving joints in all directions to counterbalance repetitive movements we endure, or it may be providing opportunities to tune into the more subtle parts of ourselves, beyond just the physical body. You can expect a balance of self-inquiry and play in Charlotte's classes.

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Matt Van Schie

Matt was told to try yoga in 1997 after an ankle injury ended his basketball career. He fell in love with it straight away. In 2004 he was on the road to becoming an Ashtanga Yoga teacher after training with Shri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore India, when an opportunity arose with his other passion, music.

“Yoga was my saviour on many occasions whilst touring around the world as a performing artist. It helped ground me through some tough times.” In 2016 Matt completed his 200hr Teacher Training at Power Living. Matt teaches how he likes to practice, with discipline and focus, while always maintaining a light spirit.

"I believe in not taking yourself too seriously. It’s OK to laugh and fall in my class!"

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Joe Rundle Woke Yoga

Joesph Rundle

Growing up in Japan Joseph was deeply influenced by the rich cultural and spiritual traditions of the Far East, especially by Japanese martial arts and Buddhist teachings. He was introduced to yoga as a young teen by an Indian guru en route to America and this encounter initiated his yoga journey. He also spent time at the Eiheiji Temple learning Zen meditation, and practiced Zazen and lived alongside the monks. Joseph draws his inspiration from a variety of sources including Zen, Jnana Yoga, Sufism, Agnosticism, Advaita and Taoist philosophies and the mystics around the world.

Joseph has trained in Advanced Assisting (adjusting and enhancing anatomical alignment), Advanced Vinyasa Sequencing and Theming, and holds a Yoga Alliance RYT-350 HR Silver Designation.  As a certified teacher of both Vinyasa and Yin yoga Joseph infuses his teaching with mindfulness, inviting practitioners to deepen into the present moment, aligning body and mind to the inner Self. In his classes expect to find both challenge and relaxation in a balanced practice that will invite you to more deeply connect with your body and Spirit.

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Mark Ashmore

Mark first discovered yoga in the 90s with his mum at a Body Balance gym class and liked how it calmed the mind and stretched the body. Mark’s practice has ebbed and flowed into a way of ‘being’ since then. From trainings in Sydney at Samadhi and Sukha Mukha 200hr to ashrams in India at Sivananda Trivandrum and intensive retreats with much-loved guru Clive Sheridan where the adventure toward consciousness has been transforming.

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…” Hermes Trismegistus

Mark has also been studying astrology for almost two decades, holding lunar astrology workshops and interweaves the cycles of the planets and seasons into his teachings. Holding kirtans in Sydney for the past 2 years has also been a personal and rewarding sadhana as a means to uplift the heart through this beautiful bhakti practice. Mindfulness, acceptance, kindness, joy and the art of ‘sitting with’ are what he wishes to bring to his practices he shares.

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Michael Scott

Michael’s career has always centred around his interest in the body, health and wellness. His teaching integrates his clinical knowledge from his years working as a physiotherapist with his passion for yoga and alternative therapies. 

Michael’s classes focus on developing good fundamentals and promoting body awareness to help create an intelligent, sustainable yoga practice. Michael teaches Hatha, Yin, runs regular workshops and is also available for private sessions.

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Dan Barley

Dan first discovered yoga when working in the media industry. What started as a much-needed break from the desk quickly led Dan to discover a passion for all types of movement practises & he hasn’t looked back since.

Dan’s Vinyasa classes have a tendency to be on the tougher side with a focus on understanding, exploring & owning a range of motion, be that the hips, shoulders, spine. Dan’s classes are inclusive, for all skill levels and challenging but fun. On the flip side Dan’s Yin classes focus on letting go, surrendering to the pose & exploring the depths of self-reflection & meditation.

Outside of yoga Dan is a movement coach focusing on working with people who have lost mobility (or have limited mobility) helping them understand more about how their bodies move, regaining / adapting to the new levels of movement through the practise of yoga as well as functional movement, strength training, gymnastics, breath work & meditation practices.

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Asha Daniels

Asha trained in India under Master Teachers from the Bihar School of Yoga, Asha is a qualified ERYT 500 Hatha Yoga Instructor and has conducted classes and training workshops in India for 4 years before moving to Sydney in September 2014.

While in India Asha gained a strong foundation in Hatha Yoga as her primary practice and then moved to Ashtanga which gradually and steadily started to play a bigger role as her primary practice. She now currently follows and practices the Ashtanga method and loves the affects it plays on her teaching style and personal journey.

Find Asha at Potts Point almost daily
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Jordan Turner

Jordan has spent most of the past 10 years living in Europe and Asia. He initially left Australia to seek creative inspiration, but his focus shifted primarily to the study and practice of Ashtanga Yoga after first entering the Mysore room in London, early 2010. That year, he made the first of his yearly trips to Mysore, India.
Jordan briefly returned to Australia to study Naturopathy, and continued his practice with Eileen Hall. He then returned to London for another 3 years, where he practiced under the guidance of Hamish Hendry, and assisted Brett Porzio initially at TriYoga, Soho, before teaching alongside him throughout Europe.

In February 2015, Jordan received Sharathji's blessing to teach, granting him Level 2 Authorisation. He has since taught in Stockholm, Antwerp, Munich, Majorca, New York, Tel Aviv and Guatemala, and spent long periods running a mysore program in Jakarta, Indonesia.

In 2018, Jordan began practicing with Sharmila Desai in Goa, India, and intends to continue practicing with Sharathji and Sharmila annually.

Jordan experiences the practice as a deep mind/body therapy, a devotional offering and a roadmap for living. He shares the practice through his honest, practical experience, teaching in the clear tradition of Sri. K Pattabhi Jois.

Find Jordan at Potts Point guiding the Mysore room every morning
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Dafna Kronental

Dafna's background in dance and performance initially led to her interest in pilates and yoga 12 years ago. Her resonance with the yogic teachings and regular meditation practice saw her undertake training in India as a yoga teacher in the traditional Sivananda Hatha style. She has since completed her 50hr Yin Teacher Training and worked at various studios and with different private clients and corporations around Sydney.

Also a Masters student of Psychotherapy, Dafna is passionate about deep mind and body practices that not only cultivate physical strength and flexibility, but facilitate mental and spiritual awareness and well-being.

Every student's experience is important to Dafna, so she is mindful of developing enduring relationships with her students; tailoring the practice to suit each individual 's needs with the aim of relieving day-to-day stresses and replenishing vital energy.

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Hannah Mckissock-Davis

Twelve years ago Hannah stepped into her first yoga studio with no idea of what to expect. She wasn't flexible, athletic or spiritual, but soon discovered that the beauty of yoga is that it teaches you the discipline, inspiration and perspective to move beyond all of these supposed limitations.

Hannah's favorite part of being a yoga teacher is building a relationship with her students. Whether you are stepping onto the mat for the first time or a seasoned practitioner, Hannah believes the delight of being in a class is working with that shared energy and support.

For the past five years Hannah has devoted herself to two creative arenas, yoga and the arts. Currently dividing her time between yoga teaching and working at Sydney's state gallery presents her with opportunities for constant inspiration.

If you are looking to refine your alignment; build awareness of your body, breath and movement; and find space and laughter in your practice Hannah would love to meet you on the mat.

Find Hannah at Potts Point weekly