Silent Glamping Retreat - February 15th - 17th, 2019


Hosted by Em Cruickshank & Ryan Barraclough of WOKE Yoga and Simon Favorito of Your Conscious Kitchen this silent retreat is intentionally designed to bring clarity, awareness and insight to your inner life, in the beautiful surrounds of The Woods Farm in Jervis Bay.

Yoga Retreat 2019 Australia

Luxury Glamping Tents

Beautifully appointed and incredibly spacious glamping tents will be your home away from home. Each tent has a queen size bed and a single bed, its own indoor table and chairs along with outdoor chairs and umbrella for shade.

Yoga Retreat 2019 Australia

Immersed In Nature

Drift off to sleep to the sounds of nature and wake with the sun in the morning. Allow your feet to touch the ground and feel invigorated by the outdoors. This is just one way we will be connecting with the elements.

“When I am silent, I fall into that place where everything is music” - Rumi


The Woods Farm

Set in the incredible surrounds of The Woods Farm in Jervis Bay, this journey inwards will provide a gentle circuit breaker from your everyday life and a chance to retreat to yourself. Immerse yourself in the elements, surrounded by incredibly peaceful bushland, waking with the sun, and glamping under the stars, we will inquire into the sense of connectedness to self and all the elements that surround us.

Yoga Retreat Australia 2019

Effortlessly Beautiful

Held at the quirky, unique, effortlessly beautiful and luxurious surrounds of The Woods Farm in Jervis Bay, you will have time to explore the beautiful 40 acres of bushland that surrounds us.

Yoga Retreat Australia 2019

The Farm

Perhaps visit the little farmyard and join in on feeding time or relax by the pool. There are complimentary bikes to explore on, an incredibly beautiful herb garden to wander amongst, a relaxing pergola by the poolside or perhaps you simply need a good book and a nap!

Yoga Retreat Australia 2019

Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay’s famous white-sand beaches and clear turquoise waters are amongst the safest and most beautiful in the world. Each day we will immerse ourselves in these turquoise waters. Jervis Bay is only an incredibly scenic 3 hour drive from Sydney.

“Close the door of words that the window of your heart may open. To see what cannot be seen turn your eyes inward and listen, in silence.” ~ Rumi

Yoga Retreat Australia 2019

The Yang Side

Daily outdoor sunrise Yang Yoga practices

Yoga Retreat Australia 2019

The Yin Side

Daily outdoor sunset Yin Yoga practices

For The Body

You will practice twice daily yoga, exploring the duality of yin and yang practices in relationship to balancing in a world of flux and preparing our bodies to sit in meditation. Daily immersion in water, and regular time spent in contact with the earth ( grounding ) will rebalance your body’s elemental nature.

Yoga Retreat Australia 2019


Yoga Retreat Australia 2019


Yoga Retreat Australia 2019


For The Heart & Mind

Held in the container of Mauna (silence), together we will explore silence as a voice of its own, a quality of peace of mind and inner quietude in which we can connect to our inner nature. Social silence will be observed after Welcome and Orientation on Friday and will be broken on Sunday afternoon following the Closing Meditation. We also observe a Digital Detox where our devices are left off allowing a deep immersion into silence. (an emergency contact for love ones will be provided)

Yoga Retreat Australia 2019
Yoga Retreat Australia 2019

The Food

Joining us on this retreat is the incredible Si of Your Conscious Kitchen, who will be cooking using traditional techniques - over an open flame, underground, and in harmony with the elements. Intentional nourishment at each meal with a variety of rustic Wholefoods spreads using the South Coasts luscious, seasonal & locally sourced produce.

Si will combine his modern culinary skills with his passion for traditional Wholefoods medicine to prepare each offering using only nature’s elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Wood to create something truly special. Nourishment with deep intention.

Ready to slow down, tune in and recharge?

Yoga Retreat Australia 2019
Yoga Retreat Australia 2019
Yoga Retreat Australia 2019

The HUSH - All Inclusive Packages Include

  • 2 nights accomodation

  • Twice daily yoga immersions

  • Thrice daily meditation practices

  • Daily salt water therapy

  • Daily connection with the earth (grounding)

  • Journaling workshop

  • Dharma insights

  • Nature sits

  • All wholefood meals and drinks

  • Use of all The Woods Farm facilities

The HUSH - Pricing

Each gorgeous glamping tent has a 1 queen bed and 1 single bed. The bed configuration can’t be altered, and all per person.

Total Luxury: Single Occupancy $1490 total

Couples / BFF Retreat: 2 people sharing $845 / per person

Best Value: 3 people sharing $630 / per person

To secure your place, a deposit $500 per person is required at time of booking. The balance is due February 1st. 2019.




A. The Woods Retreat is a unique country property located on 40 acres of serene bushland in Jervis Bay, just 2 minutes to the water’s edge of St Georges basin.

The property gives you the chance to interact with animals our farm animals such as miniature goats and horses, 15 breeds of chickens, ducks, geese, peacocks, pheasants, alpacas, cattle and more! And as well as the farm animals there is a local mob of 100 kangaroos that call our property home , you will see them hopping around, grazing at dusk and dawn, checking you out and lounging about in the midday sun.

A scenic 3 hour drive from Sydney, you will find The Woods Farm at 3 Bayly Road, Tomerong  just a short 5 min drive from Jervis Bay’s turquoise waters!

Q. I have a dietary requirement - can I still come on the retreat?

A. Of course we will ensure your dietary requirements are met!  Simon is incredibly mindful around this and we truly understand that getting this right means you can relax! Let us know at the time of booking.

Q. What do I need to bring?

  • Your YOGA MAT - essential as The Woods Farm does not supply yoga props!

  • Your MEDITATION CUSHION  or PROP - if you usually use a prop to help you comfortably sit, please do bring it along!


  • RUNNERS - for nature walks

  • Your TOILETRIES of course!

  • MOSSIE REPELLANT if you know those little guys love your sweetness - we are out in bushland and immersed in nature! Those guys are part of bushland nature!

  • Some LONG LAYERS  for the fireside at night

  • WATER BOTTLE - to make sure you stay hydrated and to reduce energy and water wastage in washing up!!

  • EAR PLUGS -  are a good addition if you are sharing a tent and know you are a light sleeper!

Q. When will I see the itinerary?

A. We intentionally withhold the itinerary in the spirit of assisting the process of moving our attention inwards!

By allowing yourself to let go of needing to know the time, we foster an experience of timelessness. Let us worry about the time, and let yourself simply go with the flow! In this way you are able to really listen to what you need in any moment - nothing is compulsory on this retreat - so you can simply be where you want to be!


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