Yoga was originally taught one-on-one where an experienced teacher would carefully assess each students needs, wants and limitations and create a unique, personalised yoga practice to specifically move the student towards a goal. Working with a teacher one-one-one is incredibly effective and efficient - we've seen students accomplish more in just a few private sessions than with months or even years of regular group practice. 

Students choose to take private yoga lessons for a variety of reasons from learning the basics, to managing an injury or illness, to advancing and progressing past what is taught in a group context. Depending on your needs and desires, we have 3 different types of yoga teachers to choose from, when booking your one-on-one yoga experience. 

Yoga Therapist

Our Yoga Therapists are specialists in the field of one-on-one yoga, and have completed advanced level studies in private yoga. Our resident Yoga Therapist is Dagmar Feldmann ( you can learn more about Dagmar on the 'About' page). Dagmar has also trained as a  physiotherapist in Germany, and specialises in combining the ancient wisdom of yoga, with modern biomedical science. 

We strongly recommend booking your private yoga sessions with Dagmar if you are currently working with an injury or illness, or have an interest in anatomy and physiology.

Price: $125 / single session    $575/ pack of 5    $1100 / pack of 10

Senior Teacher

Our Senior Yoga Teachers have all completed at least a 500 HR advanced yoga training, and have been teaching yoga for a minimum of 5 years. They are all highly experience in the fields of asana, pranayama, meditation and yoga philosophy. 

We recommend booking your private yoga sessions with a Senior Teacher if you want to go deeper into the teachings of yoga, and explore the more subtle practices of yoga not commonly taught in a group setting.

Price: $105 / single session    $475 / pack of 5    $950 / pack of 10

Junior teacher

Our Junior Yoga Teachers are all qualified with a minimum 200 HR teacher training and have continued to study and mentor with our senior teachers. 

We recommend booking your private yoga sessions with a Junior Teacher if you are new to yoga and want to learn the basics in an accessible, fun and friendly way. 

Price: $90 / single session    $400/ pack of 5    $800 / pack of 10

All prices are for 60 minute sessions - however 45 & 90 minute sessions are also available. Please contact the studio for further details.

Have a question about private yoga? Give us a call or drop us an email; we'd love to get to know you and your needs so that we can suggest which teacher will be right for you and your individual needs. 

P: 02 9968 2224