Urban Day Retreat - Friday February 22nd 2019


Hosted by Kym Statham of WOKE Yoga. Taught by Em Cruickshank and Lisa Theodore of WOKE Yoga. Joined by sonic healer Suzy Flowers.

Our intention for you on this day is to build inspiration as the foundation in which you can create from, setting fresh intentions for the year ahead spoken from the heart and framed in abundance.

Yoga Retreat 2019 Australia

Waterfront Location

Join the Woke team for a magical day, designed to inspire and uplift you. Sergeants Mess sits at the water’s edge in the pristine Chowder Bay of Sydney Harbour.

Yoga Retreat 2019 Australia

Breathtaking Views

You will be practicing amongst native bushland with breathtaking,  sparkling, inner harbour views. It will feel like a breath of fresh air, even though you’re only 20 mins out of the CBD. All the relaxation with none of the travel time.

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Morning Meditation

We begin with a  centering meditation practice to dissolve your morning and provide a clear space for your attention to gently land within. It is from this space that you can begin to draw inspiration towards you - inspiration will be the foundation in which we intend to spend our day together.

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Joyful Yang Yoga Immersion

An immersive morning yoga practice to explore the theme of possibility,  this accessible 2 hour practice will be playful, will challenge your perception of what is possible for you and will uplift you and revive you. All levels are welcome.

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100 Mile Lunch

A bespoke sit down lunch, prepared by Executive Chef Nathan Darling, will nourish you. Nathan is insistent on using only the very finest of local produce, which is reflected in our 100-mile locally sourced lunch. The space and time of this glorious sit down lunch will also give you a chance to connect with those around you - those also in inquiry with you!

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Intentional Release and Reset

Our afternoon is spent immersed in inquiry - intentional inspiration.

We will unpack  powerful methods to assist you to create intentions that are heart based and deeply felt, rather than the old paradigm of resolution often set from a space of lack and thought. To feel and know is infinitely more powerful than to feel and think.

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Relaxing Restorative Yin Yoga

Finally we will set those new intentions into the body through a quiet, relaxing yin practice. This is the place where we continue to feel into the truth and desire of the intentions we have worked on throughout the day.

Creating space for your new intention to land, you will be supported by the deeply transformative vibration of sonic sound. In this practice Suzy Flowers will join Em Cruickshank, curating a sound journey specifically attuned to the vibration of intention through the space of the heart. A powerful way to end the day.


All Inclusive Packages

  • Welcome fruit platter on arrival

  • Morning Meditation practice

  • Joyful 2  hour yoga immersion to inspire, uplift and connect

  • Sit down gourmet lunch service prepared by Executive Chef Nathan Darling -  with a spectacular view

  • Inspirational inner work and the setting of new intentions for the year

  • Powerful yin practice to set new intentions in place

  • An incredible sound healing journey to release space for your new intention to rest in.

Investment: $279



Q. Where is the retreat held?

A. At Sergeants Mess which is located in the incredibly serene location of Chowder Bay, Mosman. With uninterrupted views of inner Sydney Harbour. It is a beautifully pristine and quiet environment supporting our work of inspiration effortlessly.

There are a number of carparks surrounding Chowder Bay, most of which are paid parking and a limited amount of parking spots right near the venue.

Sergeants Mess - Located in Building 20, Chowder Bay Road, Chowder Bay, Mosman, NSW, 2088

Q. I have a dietary requirement - can I still come on the retreat?

A. Of course we will ensure your dietary requirements are met!  We are incredibly mindful around this and we truly understand that getting this right means you can relax! If you have any injuries we need to know about, please take the time to let us know so we can tailor your experience for you and keep you pain free during the day.

Let us know at the time of booking by emailing Em ( ) and we will take care of the rest

Q. What do I need to bring?

  • Your yoga mat - essential as we are unable to provide extra mats.

  • A meditation cushion

  • Some long layers if you feel the cold easily

  • Your water bottle - to make sure you stay hydrated

  • A mindset of possibility

Q. When will I see the itinerary?

A. You will be given a copy of the itinerary when you arrive on the day!

Q. What if I want to gift this experience to a friend?

A. Aren’t you lovely! What a thoughtful and wonderful gift to give someone!

No dramas at all - simply follow the BOOK NOW procedure above and you will find a form that will capture your friends details! As simple as that!

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