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WOKE Yoga in Sydney, NSW is about waking up. Waking up to your true potential, and the life that you’ve been dreaming of in those quiet moments of reflection. We believe that the tools of yoga offer us a path towards that life. They give us the gentle discipline to focus the mind on what’s most important, to strengthen and nurture the physical body, and to align our energetic blueprint with source. Our 200 HR YTT will set you on a path of shedding the layers of what’s holding you back, open you up a new way of being in addition to giving you an internationally recognized certification that will allow you to teach others what you’ve learned, almost anywhere in the world.


6 Months Part Time or 1 Month Full Time

Our 200 HR course runs in two formats - 6 months part time or 1 month full time.

Part Time: March - August. In this format, we meet for one full weekend ( Friday night, all day Saturday & all day Sunday ) over 6 months + a 5 day residential retreat in May of each year.

Full Time: September. This format runs from 10:00am - 6:30pm each day in three modules. Module 1 is 6 days, Module 2 and 3 are 9 days. You have 2 days off in between modules.

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Yoga Alliance Accredited

Our training is fully accredited with Yoga Alliance, an international regulating body. spanning more than 130 countries. This means that upon successful completion of the course, you will be eligible to apply to become an RYT ( registered yoga teacher ) and have an internationally recognized qualification.


Personalised 1:1 Attention

Each year we take a maximum of 20 students so that not a single person gets lost in the crowd. Starting at the very first weekend you will receive individualised feedback, coaching and support. You will also be connected to a thriving community of teachers, and alumni after you graduate that offer ongoing support and teaching opportunities.

The 200 HR Teacher training gave me all the tools I needed to become a confident yoga teacher. My expectations were surpassed and I have no hesitate to recommend this course to anyone who wants to become a yoga teacher
— Melissa Lombardo - Class of 2015, Sydney
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2019 DATES

Full Time - September - Potts Point

Part 1 Sept 1st - 6th ( 6 days )

Part 2 Sept 9th - 17th ( 9 days )

Part 3 Sept 20th - 28th ( 9 days )

Full Time Intensive - September 2019

Please note: This Training will be held at our sister studio in Potts Point, Sydney

Part 1 Sept 1st - 6th ( 6 days ) | Part 2 Sept 9th - 17th ( 9 days ) | Part 3 Sept 20th - 28th ( 9 days )

Since completing the course, I’m teaching between 2 and 6 classes a week at a couple of different studios. I’m practicing yoga 5 - 6 times a week, and I’m meditating every day. Make this your year of yoga, and enrol in this course. Cora is an incredible teacher and person - I am so grateful to have trained with her.
— Helen McMurdo, Class of 2015 Sydney


Want to meet us in person, check out the studio and see if our vibe is right for you? One of our complimentary Information Sessions is the perfect way to do just that. We start each gathering with a 60 minute yoga class taught by the lead facilitator on the course, Cora Geroux. After which we'll sit in a circle yogi style, have some yummy food and talk all things Yoga Teacher Training!

The cost of the info session is on us, all you need to do is:

  • Sign up online

  • Show up ready to practice

  • Bring all your burning YTT questions, queries and concerns

Our next info session will be held in November.

Yoga Teacher Training Sydney


$3499 Before July 20th, 2019

Yoga Teacher Training Sydney


$3999 After July 30th, 2019

Payment Plans are available upon request. If you’d like to discuss your options email Criena at cri@wokeyoga.com.au

PLEASE NOTE: All yoga teacher training tuition is non-refundable.


Yoga Teacher Training FAQ

It’s normal to have questions, or feel unsure about embarking on your first YTT. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive.


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Q. Do I need to be able to do a headstand or crow pose to do my yoga teacher training?

A. Nope. every-body is different, and you are not required to conform to a set of arbitrary ideals to become a yoga teacher. Our yoga is focused on presence not performance.

Q. Do I need to stop eating meat, go to bed at 9pm and wake up every morning at the crack of dawn to practice?

A. Keeping up a regular practice is important. Nourishing your body is important. However, those things may look very different from one person to the next. Your YTT will help you to discover, implement and refine what you need to be a happy, healthy thriving human.

Q. What if I have no desire to actually teach yoga, can I still do the course?

A. Of course. These days, yoga teacher training is where curious students go to learn the deeper practices of yoga. If you want to teach great, if not - you’ll still get a lot of valuable information and experience out of the course that you can use in whatever way you like.

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Before I signed up for the course, I was really afraid that my personal knowledge of yoga and physical practice was way too ‘simple’ - I’m unable to do the simplest back bends and I’ve never been able to get to a handstand so I was really nervous I’d be the only student that couldn’t do these things! I received my handbook from Cora and started reading the material and quickly realised that that wasn’t the case at all! I learnt through my 6 months that teaching is about providing a safe, comfortable experience for your students that aligns with your true self. If that means you teach classes that don’t include more complex asana - that is totally cool, it’s all about being authentic. It also helps that your classmates will all be at different stages with their practice too so there’s absolutely no pressure to be this really physically advanced yogi. Everyone has to start somewhere right?
— Charlotte Davies, Class of 2018, Sydney
Yoga Teacher Training Sydney

Why train with us?

We’re a little different…


In presence over performance

We’re much less interested in what your yoga practice looks like, and much more concerned with what it feels like, and how you relate to your body and your experience on the mat. Yoga is an inner process, which can not be measured by how deep your forward bends are, or how well you can balance in a handstand. The asana are tools that help us explore, and understand ourselves more deeply, not the ultimate goal in themselves.

In inclusivity, accessibility and fun

Yoga truly is for every-body, and we don’t just give this idiom lip service we actually live it. Our 200 HR Foundations Teacher Training always includes a module on Trauma Informed Yoga and Yoga for Larger Bodies. If you have an injury or limitation our faculty cares, and is super skilled in how to work with almost every situation. We’ve had students enrol in our Teacher Trainings from the age of 23 - 67 and we’ve loved them all.

In being open minded, flexible and relatable to modern life

Love crossfit, spin or the odd cocktail here and there? You don’t have to be the yoga '“type” to benefit from, or enjoy your yoga teacher training. Your lifestyle is your choice, and we never enforce strict rules or dogma - rather we share our stories, our struggles and show you how the tools of yoga can serve you, and your community, day-to-day in your real life.

In integrating scientific research and knowledge from other disciplines

Yoga has a lot going for it. It’s an ideal practice to soothe an overactive nervous system. It’s history and wisdom is rich, varied and fascinating. We love integrating the best of that ancient wisdom and modern science together in a way that serves your intellectual mind, just as much as your inspired heart.

In creating a supportive, long term community

We run a small, intimate yoga studio where you’ll never get lost in the crowd. Throughout the course you will get 1:1 feedback, support and coaching. After you graduate you will have guaranteed work experience at our studio ( should you want it ) teaching real, live classes to our members.



Enrolling in our course is simple, click APPLY NOW to submit your application. Cora will be in contact with you via email within 48 hours of receiving your application to confirm your enrolment.
If you have questions, email: pottspoint@wokeyoga.com.au



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